Puri Sabina’s facilities for the use of all guests include a frangipani lined swimming pool, comprehensive fitness centre, yoga studio and poolside sitting area. Combined with a warm, homely atmosphere, visitors with plans for a longer stay in Bali are most welcome.

Detox Retreat Ayurvedic Meal Plan

Our daily life is busy with duty and abundant celebrations, all leaves our system tired and making it susceptible to toxins accumulation. That is why detoxification / cleansing different parts of our body is key to be done 2 or 3 times in a year. You will follow a strict itinerary and meal plan in this Detox Retreat which is aiming to cleanse your digestive system. Guided by a group of certified experienced Yoga Teachers and Detoxification guru, you will reap good benefits for your body after this retreat.

4 days 3 nights Detox Retreat at IDR 8.500.000 nett per person. Inclusive of all daily Ayurvedic meals, detoxification activities, painting class, dumpling making class, body therapies and accommodation (one room of one person)

Soul Detox Retreat

What does our heart think? Let’s learn how our thoughts and emotions work, how to develop self awareness and understanding the way we think and act. Learn how to silence our inner critiques and think more positively after this 3 days 2 nights Soul Detox Retreat.

Launching rate IDR 2.000.000 nett per person. Inclusive of all workshops, accommodation for 3 days 2 nights, breakfast, lunch, dinner during your stay as well as body massage, brief body check-up and painting workshop.